The National Institute for Earth Physics in Romania, the lead partner of DACEA Project , in close collaboration with the Institute for Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography from Sofia, also a partner of the project, produced a study of the seismicity and hazard. The study concentrates on the seismogenic areas: Vrancea, Shabla, Dulovo, Gorna Orjahovitza - that affect the cross-border area. The study included: collecting historical data on the effects of earthquakes in the eligible areas, seismic characterization and seismotectonics, seismic hazard analysis, impact and vulnerability analysis, risk assessments, shake maps. The vulnerability analysis was performed by UTCB and NORSAR.

To assess and minimize the social impact of earthquakes in DACEA project implementation a study was required to identify the public reaction generated by earthquakes and the consequences that has to be taken into account by the local authorities in order to achieve social mitigation. The study is the result of field research and relevant questionnaires to highlight the main risks that may occur from the point of view of public reaction in case of a major earthquake. This study provides the necessary basis for local government and the institutions for emergency situations for updating the procedures for responding to a major earthquake.

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