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The Cross-border System for Earthquake Alert (DACEA) is a project meant to improve the capacity of people to prevent and manage the earthquake effects.

The Romania-Bulgaria cross-border region is significantly affected by earthquakes occurred in both territories: on the one hand, Vrancea seismic source, with intermediate-depth events (3 shocks/century with magnitude greater than 7), and on the other hand, crustal seismicity recorded in the northern part of Bulgaria (Shabla, Dulovo, Gorna Orjahovitza).The particular interest for the Vrancea source concerning the implementation of an early warning system is twofold: (1) Vrancea earthquakes are dominating the seismic hazard level for the largest part of the Danube cross-border area (except south Dobrogea region) and (2) due to the large epicentral distance, few tens of seconds are available to act in case of dangerous events before the most damaging seismic wave reaches the site. The development of the system for civil and industrial objectives situated in the Danube area, taking into account the seismic sources located to the South of Danube River, is of high interest, in order to mitigate the losses generated by earthquakes. This is even more important as long as the estimations for the next years indicate a high probability of occurring of a major earthquake which might affect the region of interest.

“There will be built a system of seysmic allert – maybe it will be apllicable for other natural disasters, too. It will protect the population on both sides of Danube River, - and I include here schools, hospitals and nuclear plants, - in real time, in case of a catastrofic earthquake from Vrancea Region, with a magnitude of 7 – 7.1 degrees on Richter Scale, said prof.Gheorghe Marmureanu, the General Manager of the DACEA Project just after signing the financing contract at the JTS HQ in Calarasi.

This project is unique in this part of the world. It uses the results of the Romanian part, - of the Institute for Earth Physics, - for getting the earthquake alert in a certain place in four and a half seconds”

Dacea Project will come to these results:

1.Studyies on seismicity, hazard and social impact of earthquakes.
2.Seismic equipment detection.
3.Seismic detection network.
4.Software for scenarios.
5.Emergency intervention procedures.
6.Inter-institutional communication plan.
7.Guidelines for action in case of earthquake.
8.Internet portal.

DACEA Project will provide the frame for cooperation among the local administration and research institutes both in Romania and Bulgaria, in order to provide better services to the citizens regarding the earthquake-generated disasters.

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